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Planned gifts

The Gift of remembrance

What is a planned gift ?

It is an important gesture that provides concrete and lasting results. It allows the chosen recognized charitable organization, such as Alzheimer Society Laval, to benefit from the long-term funding that it needs in order to administer the services necessary to pursue its mission.  

Planned gifts result from financial, tax or estate planning and take into consideration various aspects of the donor’s motivation (personal, family, fiscal)

Provincial and Federal governments have put in place measures to encourage citizens to make a planned gift. By planning a gift, the person is actively participating in the improvement of the quality of life in its community or in communities around the world, as well as to have a major impact on the advancement of causes such as Alzheimer’s.

Donors benefit from interesting tax deductions.  Donating shares or other types of investments can result in capital gain exemptions.  The gift annuity is also an interesting proposition since it allows you to do a substantial donation while continuing to provide your with an income through higher and fixed interests.

How to make a planned gift ?

Speak with a legal or fiscal advisor (notary, lawyer, financial planner or accountant) in order to chose the type of donation that meets your needs and those of your family.

Alzheimer Society Laval can advise you, please do not hesitate to contact us at 450 975-0966.

The bequest 

The value of a donation bequeathed to the Alzheimer Society Laval can provide a 100 % tax deduction for the year of death and the remaining amount can be carried over. 

Should you wish to make such a bequest, please contact us first. Then ask your lawyer or notary to mention this bequest in your will.

Life insurance

If the Alzheimer Society Laval becomes the owner and beneficiary of your life insurance, you will enjoy interesting tax deductions.

Thus, at the handover of the policy, you will receive a tax receipt for its cash value, plus accrued interest and dividends. You will continue to pay the premiums each year and for each of these annual payments, you will receive a deduction for charitable donation. As for the Alzheimer Society Laval, it will receive the insurance money upon your death. Other options are also possible, please enquire. 

Charitable Trust

This annuity trust can be created during a lifetime provided it has a capital amount of at least $ 100,000 on its foundation date or after a few payments. By naming the Alzheimer Society Laval the irrevocable beneficiary of the capital amount - bu tnot the revenues - you will receive the revenues for as long as you live. After your death, the Alzheimer Society Laval will inherit all the assets of the trust. To create such an entity, it is imperative that the donor be sure of his current and future financial needs.


It is the giving away of any property of a minimum value of $ 10,000. Alzheimer Society Laval retains and manages the funds of the endowment, and the revenues there from will be used to support any of ASL’s programs or services that you might choose. Such a plan will ensure that, through the revenues of a stable capital, your valuable contribution will perpetually support the Alzheimer Society Laval.

The charitable annuity 

By providing a capital to the Alzheimer Society Laval, you can get an annuity immune to the fluctuations of interest rates, with benefits that any other traditional invesments do not provide:

The donation of property

Giving away during your lifetime anything of value - building, artwork, jewelry, etc., will entitle you to a generous tax credit taht you can use against up to 75% of your net income of the donation year.

In addition, if you own shares or productive investments, by giving them to the Alzheimer Society Laval you will avoid paying the tax on the capital gain.