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Walk for Alzheimer IG Wealth Management


Considering the current COVID-19 pandemic, people with Alzheimer's disease or another neurocognitive disorder in your community and their loved ones need your help more than ever. This is why, on Sunday, May 31, the Alzheimer Society Laval will participate in a special event: the Virtual Walk for Alzheimer's IG Wealth Management. At the same time, we will mark our 25th anniversary.

It is therefore possible for you to participate, in complete safety, and to raise much-needed funds for our organization.  

Join the Virtual Walk at noon for an entertaining and unifying event from your mobile device or computer. The event can be viewed from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection! Watch, walk or raise money (or all at once!), Simultaneously broadcasting the Walk live from the comfort of your home or garden to greet, honor and interact with friends and family members who are affected by neurocognitive disorders.  

As we continue to play our part in stemming the spread of the coronavirus, physical distancing and social distancing cause more isolation and loneliness in people with neurocognitive disorder and their loved ones. Walking online will send them an important message: we are there for them !


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